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Bedlam is an original high fantasy Multi-User Dungeon built up over many years, recently supercharged with cutting-edge mobile clients for iPhone and the web.

Believe it or not, the game is free to play, with no pay-for-perks — advancement in Bedlam is only through skill and dedication!

There are many ways to play. By far the easiest is the web app (modern browser required). You can also play via Kongregate.

If you've played a MUD before, you may wish to point an existing desktop client like MUSHClient or Mudlet (manual GUI install package | World Map Data File) at

Unique and randomized loot via a deep crafting system, vastly different classes, 2,000+ NPC's, 100+ areas, a flexible quest system, and a super-friendly community of casual players are only some of the features that make Bedlam a long-lasting delight.

Web App:

iOS App:

Explore the world of Bedlam, featuring many original areas by talented builders, as well as some well-loved CircleMUD areas with custom twists:

Original Areas:
Zone NameAuthorAvg. NPC
Aredrel DwarvenLavyn4260
Below OrymSmut3952
Castle CatacombsOberon3647
Castle Of The Kith ISeeker4760
Castle Of The Kith IISeeker5960
Cave Elf KingdomCeric3261
City of AncientsBigcheese914
Draconian CampSeeker2459
Durmandel IJack2655
Durmandel Mines IJack1440
Durmandel Mines IIJack2160
Durmandel Mines IIIJack2456
Elven VillageSeeker4155
Fire GrottoFirebird1750
Forest RiverCohen715
Fortress Of OutcastsKein2455
Garathorm School HouseStingray715
Garathorm VineyardTrav1335
Gondor IslandKeats5360
Haunted HousePi3757
King's ForestJack1025
MiNar ISeeker2457
MiNar IISeeker1320
MiNar IIISeeker1320
MiNar IVSeeker99
Mira Retrum IKeats2328
Mira Retrum IIKeats2020
Orym DeepSmut5260
Orym, levels 1-2Redferne713
Mount OlympusBigcheese3460
Mount RavenMistKein3051
Mountain RangeCohen1335
Necromancer MinesXarax1620
Northern Garathorm53561
Northern WildernessFinster1124
Orc TunnelsCohen2156
Orcus TempleCohen3860
Phaeton's AcademyKeats1940
Rabdu RanaKein1445
Salem's LotSalem2161
Sea of StormsJack3060
Sewer MazeRedferne914
Southern GarathormAnon.1653
Stable & Temple Cambell2760
The Badlands IJack3560
The Badlands IIJack1622
The Castle Of CaboonFluid3152
The CathedralFinster1540
The Crater ValleyFinster48
The Dwarven Kingdom Anon.2555
The Haven of StonesFarrot3160
The Island Of The DeadMuse3360
The Isle of LagMortis3753
The Lost Crypt ILavyn4760
The Lost Crypt IILavyn4760
The MeadowsJack48
The PlainsHelver36
The Strange GardenFinster935
The Wall Of GarathormSeeker2135
Tombs of AtuanKeats3750
Trade RoadHelver1655
Troglodyte MinesHeroslayer2025
Tunnel Of SticksSeeker1928
Tunnels of SinVermillion1550
Under DeepCohen2555
White-Gold CathedralBigcheese2640